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Released 2007

Beyond The Dream

Beyond The Dream (Audio CD)

Rick Carey – featuring special guests, Troy Cassar-Daley, Bill Chambers, Anne Kirkpatrick, Rod & Jeff McCormack, Tracy Coster, Stuie French & Lynne Carey with her Dad on some new and old songs.

Songs: Beyond The Dream, Somebody’s Back In Town, The Way It Was In ’51, Listen To The Children, I’m Blamin’ You, Hello Trouble, If You Fall Out Of Love With Me, Rusty It’s Goodbye, If Only This Old World Could Be At Peace, Where The River Disappears Around The Bend, It;s You WIth A Broken Heart, I Hope You’re Satisfied, Your Kinda Lovin’s Not For Me, When Jimmie Rodgers Said Goodbye


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Volume 1
Rick & Thel Show DVD Vol 1

Volume 1 (DVD – Running Time approx. 147 mins.)

This DVD shows footage taken of a show in Saddleworth, South Australia in 1984.

The show starred Mal Russell, Brian Mitcheson, Doug Brown, George Graham, Marilyn Russell, Cousin Ratsack and Rick and Thel Carey.



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Volume 2
Rick & Thel Show DVD Vol 2

Volume 2 (DVD – Running Time approx. 119 mins.)

This DVD shows footage taken at a show held during the Australian Country Music Festival in Tamworth, New South Wales in January of 1984.

The show featured Mal Russell, Brian Mitcheson, Doug Brown, George Graham, Cousin Ratsack and Rick and Thel Carey. (Same Artists as Volume 1 but a different show)



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Volume 3
Rick & Thel Show DVD Vol 3

Volume 3 (DVD – Running Time approx. 104 mins.)

This DVD shows some footage of home movies narrated by Rick, and was filmed between 1959 to 1965 (28 mins.), Some highlights of the show filmed in Tumby Bay, South Australia. (70 mins.), and a short Television Interview of Rick & Thel recorded in Bluff, Queensland in 1976 (6 mins.).

The home movies include brief shots of Slim Dusty, Joy McKean, Chad Morgan, Brian Young, Paul Lester, Pam & Ray Kernaghan and others.

The Show featured Merve Maltman, John Leckner, Wayne Symonds, Kevin Gunn, Cousin Ratsack, Rick  And Thel Carey.



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Package Products
Details Package
DVD Package
3 DVD Pkg

“The Rick And Thel Show Presents,
Country Stars Laughter Unlimited”
Volumes 1, 2 & 3



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DVD Plus
CD Package

“The Rick And Thel Show Presents,
Country Stars Laughter Unlimited”
Volumes 1, 2 & 3
Plus“Beyond The Dream” Rick Carey with
Lynne Carey and Special Guests


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